Child Care Pimpama

Pimpama is a suburb of Queensland, Australia.  Most of Australia’s rules and regulations apply to all of Australia.

At this time, Australia affords families two kinds of monetary assistance to help with the cost of child care:  Child Care Benefits and a Child Care Rebate.

children learning at childcare in Pimpama

Child Care Benefits

The Australian government compensates parents for the cost of childcare. They can receive the Child Care Benefit (CCB) as one annual lump payment or as a reduced childcare fee spread out over the year.

Parents can choose to have their CCB sent directly to their childcare provider and have their fees reduced or they can pay the full fee throughout the year and receive a lump sum at the end of the year.

To be eligible for CCB, at least one parent must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. At least one parent must be a resident (or have an exemption).
  2. The children must be attending an approved or registered childcare facility.
  3. The children must be up-to-date on the government’s immunization requirements or have an exception.
  4. Parents must be responsible for paying the childcare costs.

CCB is income tested, meaning they are only available to individuals who earn under a certain amount of money.  The amount depends on:

  • The parent’s income.
  • The care provided (registered or approved).
  • The amount of care.
  • The motive for using care.
  • The number of children in care.

Approved parents can receive up to twenty-four hours of care per child per week.  Up to fifty is a parent is training, studying, working, or has an exception to receive the benefits.

Child Care Rebate

The government also issues an additional payment, called a Child Care Rebate (CCR). All are eligible, even those whose income is too high to receive CCBs.  CCR covers up to 50 percent of all out-of-pocket expenses or up to $7,500 per child, per year.

Eligibility requirements are the same as for CCB, with the following addition:

  • Parents must have work, study, study related, and/or training, commitments at some time during the week.

Types of Childcare

Registered childcare:  when grandparents, friends, nannies, or other relatives provide childcare.  Such individuals must register with the Department of Human Services and obey all state and territory childcare rules and laws.

Approved Childcare:  childcare that meets certain standards and which the Australian Government approves.  Types of CCB approved child care:

  • Family Day Care: when a person cares for children in their home.
  • Long Day Care: when trained provide care.
  • Outside School Hours Care: care provided before and after school and during vacation.
  • Occasional Care: care on an irregular basis.
  • In-Home Care: when a nanny, friend, or relative cares for the child, usually in the parent’s home.

There are various estimators online on which one can estimate the amounts of CCB and CCR one can receive online.

Child Care Subsidy

Starting in July 2018, a Child Care Subsidy will replace both the CCR and CCB.  It is meant to be easier than the two programs and provide more assistance to low and middle-class families.  The government expects the system to be easier than the current one.

The government also anticipates that families will be able to figure out how much they can expect to receive.  There is an estimator online at:

Essentially, families earning $65,710 or less can expect to receive back eighty-five percent of their costs.  Families earning above $65,710 can expect to receive back twenty percent. Families with incomes of $350,000 or more are not eligible for the subsidy.

To take full advantage of the offer talk to Early Learning.