Kindergarten North Lakes

Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten when you want a Dive!


Kindergarten is supposed to be one of the biggest milestones in your child’s academic development. Children learn interaction with their peers. It’s the time when they grow socially and become more aware of their surroundings.

The major mistake which most parents make is teaching their children alphabets and numbers in a way which is akin to drilling. Though these are important too, but there are other basic things you should be concentrating on as well.  The following are a few ways you can prepare your child for kindergarten.

Give attention to your child’s social development

Initially when a child enters kindergarten they come across children their own age. They learn to interact and share. Also a child who is open and friendly fares a great deal well then children who are too cloistered. If your child is used to attending daycare in Northlake, the transition to kindergarten is much easier.

If he doesn’t attend day care, it advisable to enroll him or her in a play group, even if it means going for a little while. Also a visit to the local library or the park can allow children to interact with other children and develop social awareness.

Teach him basics about self-awareness

Children entering kindergarten need to have some degree of self awareness. Most parents teach their children to write their name. They should be able to recall their number and address as well.  He or she should also be aware of the names of the different parts of the body. This would ensure that they remain confidant when the teacher asks them something about themselves.

Learning through doing

Instead of practicing the age old rote method with your child adopt the learning by doing method. Every day household items can be counted, for example if you bring apples, make sure you teach your child about the color. You can even help them count the apples. This is a fun and interesting way to provide your child with the basic information.

Also giving the concepts of opposites is a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary. You could practice teaching them the concept of same and different. Similarly more and less would allow them to express their ideas clearly.

Improving hand and eye coordination

Before a child is taught to write, teachers in kindergarten focus on developing their motor skills. You can start doing this at home as well. Encourage your child to use their hands and fingers. Activities which include pouring or stringing are a great way to improve those motor skills.

Give them a board and a chalk to improve their grip. Also activities which include playing with sand and water, is also a great way to increase sensory awareness.

Read to your child

The best thing a parent can give to their child is the love of reading. Make sure you read stories with them, even if it means spending just ten minutes. Read out signs when in the car. Allow them to recognize the sound each letter makes. These all help develop a child’s hearing abilities as well.

Practicing all the above mentioned would help your child be prepared for kindergarten in North Lakes. If you are searching for a North lakes kindergarten, make sure you visit a registered child care facility.